The California Housing System Innovator’s Network is unlike any other. Builders, designers, developers, advocates, community-based leaders, decision-makers, and more build community and work together to fundamentally transform California’s housing system to better serve human and ecological vitality. The role of the Innovators Network is to:

  1. Enable ideas to move to action by advancing the current Network Initiatives and creating space for emergent opportunities
  2. Build and deepen relationships to build collaboration capacity for innovation in the California Housing ecosystem
  3. Build capabilities to level up the regenerative and equitable potential of California Housing innovators

In October 2022, BIG hosted the first Innovator’s Network Gathering. We created an intentional space for attendees to foster collaboration across sectors and spark ideas to create meaningful, intersectional impact. Read more about the six themes that emerged from our first gathering event. 

Our Values

KNOWLEDGE AND INSIGHT: we thrive through learning
HONESTY AND TRUST: Our work is grounded in honesty.
HUMAN WORTH: We respect and value people for who they are, not just what they do.
SEARCH FOR MEANING: We strive to discover our unique contributions to the world.
SYNERGY: We foster harmonious and energized relationships. We know this creates possibilities that surpass our individual abilities.

Foundational Elements


We value when people from historically and presently disadvantaged communities lead community change for their communities. We are intentional about supporting community-led change in order to eliminate disparities and improve outcomes for everyone.


We strive to see the housing ecosystem holistically and to pursue the potential of people and communities; we see and treat humans and nature as interdependent, living systems where co-evolution leads to abundance and resilience.


We believe that when people organize themselves for collective action, they create the capacity to address the world’s biggest and most complex social and environmental challenges.