2020 made starkly clear – with COVID, climate change, and the continued acute housing crisis – that safe, resilient, affordable homes and neighborhoods are more important than ever. We believe the path forward for the housing ecosystem is a regenerative approach that is collaborative, inclusive, and grounded in the unique potential of each of our neighborhoods

In 2019, our network of GreenPoint Raters and GreenPoint Rated homes continued to grow. Build It Green launched a pilot program to bring GreenPoint Rated New Home Multifamily national and trained real estate professionals to be GreenPoint Rated advocates for single-family homes. Also, after successfully managing utility-funded energy efficiency programs throughout Northern California, we finalized the sale of that business to Franklin Energy, a Wisconsin-based provider of energy efficiency and grid optimization services. See our infographic for the full story!
In 2018, BIG’s Healthy Home Connect program launched to deliver energy and health co-benefits simultaneously to vulnerable populations. BIG transformed hundreds of individuals and families in disadvantaged communities lives by making safe, healthy, efficient homes available to residents throughout California. See our infographic for the full story!
In 2017, BIG expanded its efforts to bring green and healthy homes to California’s disadvantaged communities with a new Program. 500 contractors received Green Building training and BIG launched its industry-leading Certified Green Lending Professional course, training nearly 300 real estate professionals. See our infographic for the full story!
In 2016, Build It Green (BIG) made thousands of California homes healthier and more efficient. 2016 was also the year our new Executive Director Karin Burns, took the reins with a vision to expand BIG’s programs and partnerships. See our infographic for the full story!
In 2012 and 2013, Build It Green pursued four avenues to transform the building industry in California and make green practices standard practice for the benefit of all. Our 2012–2013 Impact Report tells the in-depth story of these efforts to spur the building and retrofitting of thousands of greener homes.
The green building industry made great strides in 2009. While the rest of the construction industry faced a difficult year, green building professionals found new opportunities. With the support of our members and funders, we were able to provide the resources and education necessary to help the green building industry thrive.
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