The home performance landscape is continuing to evolve as practitioners and researchers discover new ways to design, build and measure sustainable and healthy buildings. To keep up, check out these free or low-cost continuing education opportunities.

PG&E Energy Education Center:

Topics include residential ventilation, energy modeling, Title 24 review, and home audit diagnostic testing. Classes are free and available in San Francisco, Stockton and on-demand online. The Energy Education Centers also have tool libraries where you can borrow blower doors, duct testers, and other energy efficiency and combustion appliance testing equipment.

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BayREN Residential Homeowner Energy Efficiency Workshops:

Free Bay Area workshops that cover the benefits of energy upgrades, how to qualify for energy upgrade rebates, and finance options.

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Building Performance Institute:

Online courses that help home performance contractors run a more successful and efficient business.

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UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education:

One-day classes offering insight into disaster response and sustainability. Also, certificate programs in land use planning and environmental resource management.

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SoCal Edison:

Free and online classes in Irwindale and Tulare.

Topics include building codes and standards, construction and software, energy management controls, HVAC, renewables, and sustainability. A tool library is also available to borrow diagnostic equipment.

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SoCal REN:

Offers workforce education and training prepares small contractors with the knowledge to compete for energy efficiency projects and increase their capacity.

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Local Community Colleges or Universities:

Check your local college or university for sustainability or green design courses or certificate programs.

Know of a class or training program we didn’t mention? Send us a link: [email protected]

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