California has adopted ambitious climate-related policy goals, including reducing GHG emissions levels to 80% below the emissions in 1990.

As part of that goal, Title 24, Part 6 (“Building Energy Efficiency Standards”) requires new homes permitted after Jan. 1, 2020, to be designed and constructed as zero net energy (ZNE) homes. These requirements will apply to new nonresidential buildings in 2030.

Title 24 Standards include a process for local jurisdictions to adopt local ordinances that exceed the minimum state requirements.

Click the button below to download a toolkit that will help facilitate the adoption of performance and prescriptive ordinances for new low-rise residential homes (single and multifamily), as well as prescriptive ordinances for nonresidential buildings.

Here’s what you’ll find in your free toolkit.

General Resources

  • Recommended Performance Standard Summary
  • Sample Ordinance Language (pdf)
  • CEC Cover Letter Template
  • Links to Useful Resources

Measure Specific Resources

EV Ordinance Resources
  • Single Measure EV Summary
  • Cost Effectiveness Analyses
Outdoor Lighting Ordinance Resources
  • Single Measure Outdoor Lighting Summary
  • Cost Effectiveness Analyses
PV Ordinance Resources
  • Single Measure PV Summary
  • Cost Effectiveness Analyses
Hot Water Distribution Ordinance Resources
  • Single Measure Hot Water Distribution Summary
  • Cost Effectiveness Analyses
Cool Roofs
  • Single Measure Hot Water Distribution Summary
  • Cost Effectiveness Analyses