Thanks in part to Build It Green’s success in training more than 1,000 realtors statewide, the real estate industry is turning into a powerful advocate for the adoption of green building practices.

As realtors become more energy-solution savvy and consumer interest in green homes grows, there’s a parallel movement to add energy- and water-saving features to the industry’s most trusted information source: the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

Earlier this year, Chicago and Washington, DC became the first regional MLS services in the nation to add high-performance features to their listings. In San Diego, there’s a realtor-led effort to add these features to the local MLS.

Codifying green features, like EnergyStar appliances, formaldehyde-free insulation, and high-efficiency HVAC systems, in the MLS makes them easier to track over the life cycle of the home and offers a way to quantify their value over time.

What’s Next?
Appraisers may be the next wave of professionals to help grow the green building industry. Over the past several months, Build It Green—in partnership with the Appraisal Institute—has conducted two sold-out green education classes in Southern California.