Browse the Map to View the Number of High Performance Homes in your Area

Build It Green (BIG) created the California Green Home Inventory Map to reveal the volume of high performance homes (HPHs) in local markets across the state. Consumers are increasingly demanding homes that are energy efficient and healthy to live in. This map helps local governments, building professionals, real estate professionals, utilities and other stakeholders make HPHs visible in their local area so they can better understand the opportunity this growing market represents.
How to Use the Map

Zoom into your area to view the overall volume of HPHs. The color-coded regions are divided by ZIP code. The darker the shade of green, the greater the volume of HPHs. You can click on a ZIP code to reveal the total number of homes, with a breakdown of the number of homes that have received GreenPoint Rated certification, LEED certification, solar thermal systems, rooftop solar photovoltaics, or improvements through mPOWER financing. If your area has a large number of HPHs, there is an opportunity to quantify those impacts and share the importance of these high-performance features with local professionals. If your area has a low number of HPHs, there is a big opportunity to improve your local housing stock!

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Consumer interest in efficient, healthy homes is not a fad, but a fundamental change in the market. There is mounting evidence from multiple studies across the country that HPHs have shorter listing times and are worth more at time of sale, yet these homes and their improvements are often invisible in the market. There is a lost opportunity to drive interest in HPH improvements and the programs that support them. If HPHs were made visible across the state it would mean greater interest in efficiency and certification programs, more work for contractors, and greater home value for real estate professionals and homeowners.

About the Map

The map depicts the number of homes that have solar thermal or PV systems, have been certified through a green home labeling program (including GreenPoint Rated and LEED), or received improvements through mPOWER financing. These homes are often far more energy and water efficient than conventional homes, have healthier indoor air quality, and utilize sustainable or recycled materials. For privacy reasons, the map does not display individual homes, but aggregates data from California Distributed Generation Statistics, the U.S. Green Building Council (which administers LEED), Build It Green (which administers GreenPoint Rated), and mPOWER. The map was developed with support from Pacific Gas and Electric Company, and funded by California utility ratepayers under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission.

Next Steps

BIG seeks to continually add data on high-performance homes to the map to make these homes visible, help quantify their many benefits, and further influence overall market transformation. If you have data for consideration of inclusion on the map, please contact Senior Program Manager David Myers at BIG using the following email address: [email protected]