As a contractor, you may not be responsible for the products that a consumer chooses to use in his or her home, but you can control the quality of your own work and ensure that you're not contributing to unhealthy conditions at your work site.

Here are a few simple things you can do to green your construction site and create the healthiest indoor air quality for your clients.

  1. Use low-VOC materials and allow them to off-gas prior to installation or occupation.
  2. Keep exhaust from construction equipment away from the building site and reduce engine idling.
  3. Reduce workers tracking contaminants into the building. Provide an abrasive, sticky or damp mat for wiping feet or route dirty materials directly out of the work space.
  4. Cover your work site with mulch, straw or cardboard to reduce tracking into the home.
  5. Store HVAC equipment you have removed, or new parts you will install, in a clean, dry place and cover them with plastic.
  6. If possible, isolate and negatively pressurize work areas with an exhaust fan.

[Source: Build It Green’s Certified Green Building Professional Training]

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