Build It Green continues to effect change in California’s residential building sector. Through our partner programs and training initiatives, we’re making thousands of new and existing California homes healthier and more efficient. Our efforts help everybody win: Building pros grow their businesses by doing the right thing; homeowners save money and increase comfort and health; and California moves closer to its ambitious energy and climate goals.

Here’s a snapshot of Build It Green’s 2015 impacts by program:

GreenPoint Rated

GreenPoint Rated, the leading green home certification system in California, surpassed another milestone: 40,000 residential homes certified since the program’s inception nearly 10 years ago!

Of the 9,302 units certified in 2015, 82% were new multifamily construction. The multifamily sector is booming in California, and affordable housing developers rely on GreenPoint Rated for certification to help them earn tax credits and attract tenants looking for healthier and greener living spaces.

Home Upgrade

Build It Green implements the Energy Upgrade California® Home Upgrade program in Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) territory, which offers rebates up to $6,000 for whole-house energy upgrades. Home Upgrade in PG&E territory continues to be the most successful energy rebate program of its kind in California.

  • 3,675 homes upgraded—a 25% improvement over 2014
  • 3,609,227 kWhs and 613,680 therms of energy saved

AC Quality Care

PG&E’s AC Quality Care Rebate Program, implemented by Build It Green, incentivizes homeowners to tune up or upgrade their air conditioning systems. The program has been a tremendous success since Build it Green revamped it in 2014. In the past year, ACQC dramatically exceeded PG&E’s program goals.

  • 17,000 AC systems serviced
  • 9,489,784 kWhs of energy saved

The Energy Network Multifamily Program

Beginning with a tremendous surge of enrollment beginning in July, 2015 was the most successful year ever for The Energy Network Multifamily Program, which provides rebates for energy upgrades in Southern California. By year’s end, the program had enrolled 62 projects, totaling 10,538 multifamily units. The program became fully subscribed, and a waiting list had to be created to manage demand for rebates!

Build It Green is proud to implement this program for The Energy Network, working as a subcontractor to BKi.

The Energy Network Green Real Estate Program

In 2015, The Energy Network strengthened its role as a national leader in green real estate. Build It Green supported this effort by training 641 real estate professionals to achieve the National Association of REALTORS® Green Designation certification—surpassing its two-year goal to certify 600 agents. In addition, BIG helped The Energy Network train 109 appraisers in the valuation of green home features. Real estate trainings set the stage for energy savings. Certified green agents have the knowledge to educate home buyers and help them choose a healthier, money-saving green home, or help them take advantage of rebates and financing to complete energy upgrades.

A 2014 Energy Network survey found that realtors who recently complete their NAR Green Designation training increase their client referrals to energy efficiency and solar incentive programs by 42 percent. A 2015 Energy Network survey of green-certified realtors revealed that 323 of their home buyer clients have performed or plan to perform green home improvements, from lighting and appliance upgrades to window replacements and HVAC systems, within one year of their home purchase.