Feb 3, 2010 6:00 PM  PST

UPDATE: Green Building Code

On January 12, 2010, the Building Standards Commission approved a revised California Green Building Code.  Build It Green applauds the Building Standards Commission and California stakeholders in taking a leadership role in promoting green building in California.  The new code has a voluntary tiered structure in place, that as many of you know, Build It Green opposed.

Some have voiced confusion and concern about our position.  As a mission-driven nonprofit organization, we strive to make green building accessible and comprehensible to builders, homeowners and government agencies.  We will continue our commitment to work with State and local agencies to create a pathway that works for all industry stakeholders to provide green homes in California.

This voluntary tiered program is intended to provide local jurisdictions a “plug and play” above-code program that they may adopt by making findings to the Building Standards Commission.  We support this concept, and look forward to working with the State and other partners to design a thoughtful and thorough process with ample stakeholder involvement, which will create a clear pathway to building green homes that strengthens the efforts already in place.   

During the two-year process of the green building code development, Build It Green participated in stakeholder input and public comment opportunities.  Some modifications to the draft code were made in response to our concerns on the tiered structure and specific measures.  While we ultimately disagreed with some stakeholders relative to the tiered structure, we fully support the mandatory measures and are committed to ensuring a successful integration of the code for all involved.  

There is still much work needed to refine and implement the code including measure definition, education to affected parties and clear strategies to reconcile and understand how the code relates to the growing number of municipal green building ordinances based on established third-party verified green building programs.  Build It Green is dedicated to assisting jurisdictions in their efforts to adopt above-code green building programs that integrates appropriate pathways for builders and their communities, with minimal confusion.  We look forward to future opportunities to work with the State to strengthen the Green Building Code and to help adapt it to the marketplace.
Thank you for your support of green building,
Catherine A. Merschel
Executive Director
Build It Green

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