Sep 23, 2013 12:00 PM  PST

GreenPoint Rated Ad Campaign Launches, Targeting New Home Buyers

Build It Green is committed to helping our GreenPoint Rated builders succeed. GreenPoint Rated builders have achieved a mark of distinction, proving that their communities are green. Now, Build It Green is helping to drive the point home with potential buyers through an online advertising campaign, running now through November 1, 2013.
Ad campaignThe ad campaign features questions that underscore the benefits of a GreenPoint Rated home:
  • “Does your home INDULGE, or DIET?
    GreenPoint Rated homes are more energy efficient.”

  • “Does your home WHEEZE, or BREATHE EASY?
    GreenPoint Rated homes have better indoor air quality.”

  • “Does your home SIP, or GUZZLE?
    GreenPoint Rated homes use water more sparingly.”

  • “Is your home HUNKY, or WIMPY?
    GreenPoint Rated homes use stronger, more durable materials.”
Every ad ends with a call to action, “Buy a GreenPoint Rated home” and leads to a landing page where home shoppers can download “10 Essential Questions for Green Home Buyers” and get more information about GreenPoint Rated homes for sale.
Ads will be running on various new home shopping sites including New Homes Magazine, Trulia,, as well as through a Google AdWords campaign. Thank you to KB HOME Bay Area, our featured sponsor, for supporting this effort.
We are excited to support our builders by generating more brand awareness for GreenPoint Rated, and look forward to seeing more builders leverage the GreenPoint Rated brand in their own marketing!

For additional information on this article, please contact:
Janine Kubert
Source: Build It Green

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