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6 ways to finance renovations to any fixer-upper

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Already have a home and want to make it more comfortable, healthy and efficient? Make your next remodel a green one and achieve points toward a GreenPoint Rated certification.

You can achieve a GreenPoint Rating step by step as you remodel various sections of your home. Just save your receipts and work with your contractor to maintain records of your green upgrades.

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6 Financing Options to Green Your
Next Home

It’s easy to fall in love with a fixer-upper, especially if you’re a first-time homebuyer on a budget. But do you worry about the costs to modernize and upgrade it?

You’ve got more options than you think. The best time to undertake green home improvements -- to transform a fixer into a comfortable home with lower utility bills -- is during your home purchase process.

A new generation of innovative programs allows you to finance the cost of your renovations through your mortgage. That means one mortgage, one closing, and no additional money down. Click for details on six innovative financing programs, then talk to your lender.


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