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Oct 8, 2010 12:00 PM  PST  

Classic Craftsman Home Gets Green Facelift 

Located in beautiful Eastside Costa Mesa, California, this charming “green” home combines both luxury and sustainable design to offer a practical, yet elegant abode fit for virtually any personality. The home was recently remodeled from the ground up with the primary goal of conservation, and adheres to the stringent Build It Green Greenpoint-Rated Certification system. Household items that weren’t reused in the renovation process were given to Habitat for Humanity, a donation-driven organization that provides homes for the needy. All leftover materials, such as concrete and construction scraps, were given to two different facilities to either reuse or recycle as deemed appropriate. On top of the donation to Habitat for Humanity, reclaimed Viking Professional kitchen appliances were also purchased from the non-profit organization. 40 percent of the wood used throughout the home is either recycled or pre-used. The home’s beautiful French oak wood flooring is FSC-certified and has been finished without the use of toxic glues or chemicals. Foundation was mixed with 40 percent Fly Ash, a recycled byproduct from local power plants, which uses less water and energy to produce and increases strength and durability.

This home also generates its own energy using a 7 kw rooftop solar pv array, which is seamlessly integrated to blend in with the rooftop itself. A “bi-directional” meter is included to calculate not only energy consumption, but also how much energy is generated each day via the solar panels. Likewise, a production graph is accessible online to supply system output data when away from home. But the most remarkable aspect of this home is its eco-friendly carpeting. It essentially acts as a purifying filter for common household pollutants and aromas, absorbing and decomposing gasses within the home. All insulation and drywall materials are non-toxic and interior paints use non-or-low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), also helping to improve indoor air quality. To boot, a built-in Fresh Air System, complete with a 2-stage automatic whole house fan, brings outside air into the home via a “MERV 10” filtered intake. Build It Green’s standards only require a “MERV 6” filter to qualify for certification; however the builder went above and beyond to ensure the cleanest possible filtration. The attic was systematically designed with a height of 9 feet to provide optimal ventilation and cooling, with gable vents incorporated on each side of the home to flow hot air outside.

In an effort to reduce the need for artificial lighting during daytime hours and limit electricity costs, the home was built with a maximum window surface to allow as much sunlight in as possible. Solatube skylights are strategically placed around darker portions of the home as well, which enhance natural light and minimize electricity use. Four electrical “on demand” tankless water heaters are also installed, each strategically located directly over the point of use to eliminate the need of piping water from one end of the home to the other. Exterior plants are drought-resistant, and an underground “drip system” eliminates water waste. All landscape is watered using controllers that are operated with a “smart” integrated internet weather station, and will reduce or turn itself off according to the moisture level in the air.


Other sustainable features of this home include:

➢ A Whole House Fan System which automatically removes hot air and replaces it with cool, filtered air

➢ Soy-based carpet padding made with 100 percent post consumer recycled materials

➢ Low flow toilets

➢ CFL lighting in most areas, with a few remaining incandescent and halogen lights on dimmers

➢ Doors made with 93 percent recycled materials

➢ Interior moldings made from MDF recycled products

➢ Benjamin Moore’s Nutura Paint throughout the interior of the home, one of the most durable & “green” paints on the market today

➢ 5/8 inch thermal mass walls for energy conservation

➢ Radiant barrier sheeting on the roof which acts as a layer beneath the roofing tiles and reflects heat away from home and attic

➢ Hardy Board cement planked siding for both insulation, and durability

➢ Exterior wood trim made from recycled finger jointed wood

➢ Low E 2 dual glazed windows for energy efficiency

➢ A 24” overhang on all eaves which lets plenty of daylight into the home, without allowing the harsh heat of direct sunlight

➢ Pervious concrete driveway and walkways which protect the environment by not allowing rain water mix to with harmful chemicals (such as fertilizers) that flow into city sewers and empty out into the ocean

➢ Rain Gutters that “harvest” rain water, by allowing the diverted water to seep into an underground cistern. The cistern then allows the water to filter itself back down to the water table, and not into storm drains which carry pollutants to the ocean

This beautiful sustainable home is on the market and being offered by Evan Little of Surterre Properties. “The level of craftsmanship, thought and care that has helped shape this home into what you see today is unparalleled to any green home I’ve seen to date. From finish materials and paint colors to the home’s mechanical systems and floor plan, this beautiful home is ready to exceed your expectations,” says Little.

For more information, please visit: 207 Cecil Pl Costa Mesa.

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