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May 16, 2014 2:00 PM  PST  

Rater Updates: GreenPoint Rated Map, New Welcome Letter 

May/June | 2014

Updates: Welcome Letter for Builders, GreenPoint Rated Map

New builder welcome letter: Build It Green has created a new “welcome letter” that will be automatically emailed to your projects’ developer or builder once an initial application review is complete. The letter will officially welcome them to the GreenPoint Rated program. It includes directions to track the project anytime on the Tracking System, print electronic certificates, and offers suggestions for how to add value to your customer relationships.

Your projects on the GreenPoint Rated Map: Raters, please be aware that last week Build It Green mailed a disclosure form to builders for all current GreenPoint Rated projects, making them aware of our new, online GreenPoint Rated map. All projects certified through the program are now automatically added to the map. If you do not want your home or project listed, you can opt out by filling out the disclosure on Build It Green's Map page. You can always choose to opt in again.

GreenPoint Rated
Is Hiring!

Build It Green is looking for a GreenPoint Rated Project Manager to implement policies and standards, support GreenPoint Raters, and help achieve program goals. If you are interested, please submit a cover letter along with your resume.

Apply Now >>

City of Berkeley Requests Your Input

City of Berkeley is requesting information to assist with the update of the Residential Energy Efficiency Ordinance (RECO). The new proposed approach moves away from mandatory minimum improvements currently required by RECO and instead requires an energy assessment with information to empower owners to improve efficiency. City of Berkeley is seeking information on the potential cost of the assessments and the workforce capacity for local service providers to be able to respond to the demand.

View the Documents >>

More information about the ordinance update process is available on city's website below, including information on the final of three community workshops hosted by the Berkeley Energy Commission, being held on Wednesday, June 25 at 7 pm at the North Berkeley Senior Center (1901 Hearst at Cedar).

Learn More >>


GreenPoint Rated Project Totals

  March April Total to Date
Number of Certified New Home Single Family Units 216 198 11,586
Number of Certified New Home
Multifamily Units
131 263 11,358
Number of Certified Existing Home Single Family Units 0 2 649
Number of Certified Existing Home Multifamily Units 0 0 864
Total Certified
347 463 24,457

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