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Apr 15, 2014 2:00 PM  PST  

New Pathways for Energy Compliance, New Reference Docs 

October | 2014

Useful Reference
Documents for Raters

ACCA Manual J/S/D

Not sure how to verify ACCA Manual J, D, and S? Download this informative “cheat sheet” covering verification documents, approved software, tips to analyze reports, and GPR expectations for documentation submission. Share with your project team!

QA Desktop Review

Download this handy guide as you are filling out and submitting your Initial and/or Final applications. In this document, you will find a checklist of items that a GPR Staff uses as they review your application for completion.

Comparing GreenPoint Rated, Energy Star v3, & Indoor airPlus

Did you know you can earn additional GreenPoint Rated points if you pursue Energy Star version 3 and EPA's Indoor airPLUS certification? We've compiled a short guide outlining alignment of measures that qualify across these programs. In addition, there is a more extensive excel file that will help builders and developers navigate between the 3 certification programs.

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New Pathways to Achieve the Energy Compliance Measure

Builders and developers will now have the option of meeting GreenPoint Rated’s energy compliance by either beating current Title 24 by a minimum of 10% or with a CAHP score of 84 or better. In order to submit a CAHP score, the project must be enrolled in the California Advanced Homes Program. Projects choosing to comply using a CAHP score will have to additionally submit a copy of TRC’s Plan Check Approval Letter and Installation Letter, to GPR, as part of the Initial Application and Final Application submissions.

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Partnering With CaliforniaFIRST

Build It Green announced a partnership with Renewable Funding to support CaliforniaFIRST, the innovative Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing program that is set to revolutionize the marketplace. Raters: CaliforniaFIRST is an opportunity for an increase in your business through green remodeling and energy upgrade projects. Review the program details and discuss with your network of contractors.

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