A BIG Community Effort

Impact Highlights

Featuring ample shared outdoor space, private balconies, on-site programs, and easy access to public transit, this senior living community enhances the lives of its residents by fostering connection and supporting their ongoing independence through thoughtful sustainable design and programming. stok led the project’s GreenPoint Rated pursuit with a focus on solar photovoltaics and solar hot water planning and implementation.


Energy efficient homes are less drafty, quieter, and have lower utility bills than conventionally built homes. By making your home more energy efficient, you’ll also lower your demand on the power grid and reduce your home’s impact on climate change.

Health / Air Quality

According to the EPA, the air in new homes can be ten times more polluted than outdoor air and today we are spending over 90% of our time indoors. Healthier indoor environments can be achieved by selecting adhesives, paints, and floor finishes without compounds that are known to cause cancer or trigger asthma, and proper ventilation can reduce excessive dust and mold.

Water Conservation

As droughts continue to plague California, fresh water is becoming more precious and water bills are on the rise. By conserving water in your home, you can reduce pressure on our water supply and save money on your bills, all while preserving your favorite water recreation spots. Saving hot water can reduce your energy bills too!

Resource Conservation

Framing techniques that use less lumber and reuse existing materials can help lower upfront cost. Green materials are often more durable than standard building materials, so require less maintenance cost too. GreenPoint Rated homes use recycled materials wherever possible, keeping waste out of landfills and protecting our forests for future generations.


Livable communities enhance quality of life while reducing impact on the environment. Well-designed communities are clustered to help preserve open space for recreation, views, and natural habitats. High-density areas where work, shopping, and school are all close by means less time driving, and fewer greenhouse gas emissions from cars.

Their GreenPoint Rated Journey



Building Envelope



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