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Jul 1, 2013 12:00 PM  PST  

Highlights from the 2nd Annual Contractor Exchange 

This year's exchange was a huge success filled with lively discussions and keynotes, prizes, and awards! Attendees received tips and tools for growing their businesses' in the breakout sessions, engaged with fellow peers, and learned about how to leverage the Energy Upgrade California Program to help their business and customers. 



The Highlights: 

This year, we had breakout sessions targeting financing, marketing and social media, and business development. The sessions  spurred lively dialogues about home performance, improving business models and use of marketing and social media:

"In my sessions, we had a phenomenal discussion about the marketing challenges currently facing California's efficiency contractors. I was amazed at the engagement of everyone, and their willingness to share with their colleagues what is working and what isn't. We covered it all--search marketing, social media, Google+, lead generation, websites, and various other techie approaches as well as good old tactics like lawn signs and word of mouth. Great session, great group of people. I'm really impressed."

- Peter Troast, of Energy Circle, presenter of the Marketing and Social Media session

You can find the presentations for all the sessions in the links below:      

In addition, Mike Rogers of OmStout Consulting has set up a website page where you can access even more information about sales and business management. Please visit the webpage here.   



Awards were presented to contractors for their leadership and success through the Energy Upgrade California Program in 2012.

Congratulations to: 

  • ABC Cooling and Heating for the highest number of EUC Award Photocompleted jobs in 2012
  • A-1 Guaranteed for the highest modeled energy savings
  • Smart Builders for the most demonstrated overall program growth   
  • Green Home Solutions for the highest customer service rating

Contractors who received 100% pass rates during field quality assurance visits were also recognized.


Thanks to this year's winners and all participating contractors for your hard work and dedication to energy efficiency!

A Big Thank You! 

We had a great group of exhibitors, many of which offered amazing door prizes and discounts. A big thanks to:

We would also like to thank Build It Green, Rising Sun Energy Center, Energy Savvy, Efficiency First, HERO Program for Workforce Development in San Mateo County, Home Energy Analytics, EGIA, and Service Partners for their support and participation in the event. 



Thank you again to all of our participants, exhibitors, speakers and panelists for making this event a success, and we look forward to seeing you all again next year!


Customer Support  

Participant Hotline: (866)-970-7348 

Technical and Jobs Hotline: (510) 590-3360 ext. 606  


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