Partner Programs

Build It Green supports its mission and its network of building professionals by implementing a range of successful and innovative programs for our partners.


Energy Upgrade California® Home Upgrade

Build It Green implements the Home Upgrade program in The Pacific Gas & Electric Company's (PG&E) territory, and our work includes contractor support and training. Home Upgrade is a statewide program that offers rebates of up to $5,500 when homeowners make energy-saving improvements—and it helps contractors grow their businesses. Learn More >>

AC Quality Care Rebate Program

Build It Green implements this PG&E program, which helps homeowners access rebates to tune up their AC systems and keep them running reliably. Become a participating contractor today! 
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cool savers | stay cool and save energy with a new program for PG&E customers

Cool Savers Incentive Program

Lower your monthly energy bills and replace your outdated heating and cooling system, thanks to rebates and incentives through the Cool Savers Program. Learn More >>

LIWP: low income weatherization program logo

Low-Income Weatherization Program (LIWP)

Build It Green administers this program for the California Department of Community Services & Development (CSD) to provide extensive energy efficiency home improvements and rooftop solar PV to income-qualified homeowners and renters. Learn More >>

healthy home connect

Healthy Home Connect

BIG’s innovative new program leverages multiple funding sources to deliver energy and healthy home upgrades simultaneously to benefit California’s most vulnerable populations. Learn More >>