A BIG Community Effort

In collaboration with thought leaders and practitioners working across housing, we are exploring new directions focused on discovering and developing transformative approaches to designing, building, and inhabiting homes.

Grounded in inclusivity, community engagement and collaboration, we are delving into possibilities at different scales – from infill housing to whole neighborhoods. We believe that only through working together can we achieve major progress in health and well-being for individuals, communities, and the natural world.

This new direction is about working together to bring forth new ideas. We encourage anyone who touches housing in California – architects and urban planners, construction trades professionals, community groups, city officials, developers, environmental and social justice advocates, and others to join us in this process.

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Regenerative Communities

Build It Green was started with the mission of bringing sustainable building into the mainstream. Energy efficiency, water efficiency, sustainable building materials, and other green building practices remain critical, and we’re proud of our legacy.

But today, communities everywhere face an unprecedented array of challenges—climate change, housing affordability, racial and social injustice, health inequities, and more. In order to address these interconnected crises, we need holistic thinking and systemic change that goes well beyond green building. We strongly believe that we can build on our foundation and use the built environment as an instrument to advance equity, resilience, and community health. We can aspire to homes and neighborhoods that evolve with the natural environment and allow everyone to thrive.

Green Homes

Build It Green continues to offer credible and accessible resources to design, build, or update your home. We meet you where you are in your journey to healthier indoor air quality for your family, selecting more resource-efficient materials to lessen your impact on the environment, or becoming a green building professional.

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