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A BIG Community Effort

In early 2020, in collaboration with thought leaders and practitioners from a range of disciplines, BIG began exploring new directions focused on discovering and developing transformative approaches to designing, building, and inhabiting homes.

Grounded in inclusivity, community engagement and collaboration, we are delving into possibilities at different scales - from smaller homes known as accessory dwelling units to whole neighborhoods. We believe that ADUs and regenerative neighborhood development may be key nodes to achieving major progress in health and well-being at the personal, community and bioregional realms.

This new direction isn't about creating a generic menu of design or policy choices that could be layered onto any neighborhood. It's about bringing forth new ideas. We encourage neighborhood residents, community groups, city official, developers, and others to join us in this process.

Read more about our new direction here.


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Fall Forums: 7-Part Series

These free events bring together a variety of experts to engage in lively conversation about the potential for accerssory dwelling units and neighborhood-level regenerative development to help solve some of our most pressing social and environmental problems.

Regenerative Insights - 100 Series

Regeneration is a call to action. It enables us to go beyond reducing harm toward developing health and wholeness of our communities and ecosystems. What if the housing system was no longer a drain on the environment but a contributor? Delivered in partnership with Regenesis, Regenerative Insights - 100 Series offers an introduction to how we can turn problems into potential.

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