Feb. 22, 2016 (revised)

How to Talk About Indoor Air Quality with Your Clients

One of the most important topics you can educate your clients about is indoor air quality (IAQ). These issues are sometimes seen, sometimes invisible, sometimes smelly, sometimes not. Think mold, dust in HVAC systems, allergens in carpet, VOCs off-gassing from particle board cabinets. 

As we say in our NAR Green Designation Training, "Sell the benefit, know the science."

  • First, explain the importance of IAQ from the homeowner's perspective and what they'll gain (protecting their children's health and safely, for example). 

  • Second, describe the building science in simple terms.

This resource from the EPA will help. Share it with your clients!

Download Here >> (.pdf)

In addition, here's a list of affordable, consumer-friendly technologies that make it possible for your homeowner clients monitor indoor air quality themselves.