We are delighted to announce that Alicia Livitt will be joining our team to support the GreenPoint Rated Program and its national expansion. She brings experience as a Rater herself, and has previously worked in architectural design, green building consulting, and rebate and retrofit program management. 

ALICIA LIVITT | GreenPoint Rated Program Manager

A building geek from a young age (she was thrilled to receive a T-square as a gift at age nine), Alicia has always nurtured a curiosity about the built environment and the places we call home. It didn’t take long for her to realize that buildings can have negative impacts on the natural environment and that we have the potential to build in a better way.

Alicia started out in architecture school and found her niche with sustainable building, graduating from Arizona State University with a bachelor’s degree in Design: Housing and Urban Development. After working for a commercial real estate developer for five years, she moved to Sweden to seek a new perspective, and graduated with a master’s degree in Strategic Leadership Toward Sustainability from the Blekinge Institute of Technology.

Alicia’s travels eventually brought her to Oakland, and she began her first of three career journeys with Build It Green in 2012. In this role, she supported the program design and administration of several energy efficiency rebate and retrofit programs for PG&E, with a particular focus on contractor training and advocacy. She continued to develop her own knowledge base during this time, achieving several green building credentials: BPI Building Analyst (Residential and Multifamily), GreenPoint Rated (GPR) Advisor, Certified Sustainable Building Advisor.

A move to Boulder, Colorado in 2015 sparked the launch of her consultancy practice. Since then, she’s worked with home energy raters on energy efficiency rebate programs in Colorado, partnered with industry leaders on an innovative pilot program for home electrification in the Bay Area, and mapped out creative, utility-sponsored energy efficiency financing solutions for disadvantaged homeowners and renters in California. Alicia also continued with Build It Green during this time, serving as a Senior Desktop Reviewer for GPR, PG&E’s AC Quality Care, and California’s Low-Income Weatherization Program programs.

Recently, Alicia has been working as a GreenPoint Rater and guiding several market-rate, affordable, and transitional multifamily projects through the GPR certification process. She is excited to reunite with Build It Green in support of GPR, especially to build momentum in its national adoption. While she misses hiking through Oakland’s majestic Redwoods and the abundance of delicious food, she finds joy in snowboarding, paddleboarding, and reading sci-fi. She loves adventures with her daughters and husband, and seeks any opportunity to work with her hands in the garden or on creative remodeling ventures.