With the new code cycle going into effect at the beginning of 2023, Build It Green has been hard at work creating updates for the GreenPoint Rated New Home Program. Read below to learn more about the changes.

GreenPoint Rated is the most trusted home rating system in California with more than 93,000 certified units. GreenPoint Rated New Home, Version 9.0 will offer certification for buildings that go beyond code and will provide innovative pathways for buildings to achieve California’s long-term net zero energy and low carbon homes goals. This version goes into effect Jan. 1, 2023 and will be applicable to all projects permitted under 2022 building code.

Goals and Intent of Changes

In our approach to updating the program this year, we kept a few goals, intents, and purposes in mind:

Graphic with a light blue background and 8 green rectangles. Each one has white text describing a different guiding principle for the update process. (1) Text only: Recognize the reality of the health and environmental damage and public safety through the use of fossil fuels in homes. Promote and support the phase out of combusting fossil fuels in homes via all-electric pathway to encourage better health, safety and environmental outcomes (2) Above, has a graphic with a lightning bolt in a circle. Text reads: Continue to value energy use reduction and recognize the role energy use has in making more comfortable, affordable, environmentally responsible, and resilient homes (3) Above: icon of a water drop. Text reads: Address increasing drought issues in California through adoption of important water conservation and re-use measures through simplification and disaggregation (4) Above: solar panels icon. Text reads: Incentivize the adoption of renewable energy technologies and systems that use energy more efficiently by shifting energy use away from peak hours (5) Above: fire icon. Text reads: Promote resilient design strategies early in project development to improve occupant adaptability and safety in situations of natural or man-made disasters (6) Above: People gathering icon. Text reads: Emphasize the importance of social sustainability measures that contribute to community as well as occupant welfare and cohesiveness (7) Above: icon of wood in a circle, indicating reuse. Text reads: Continue to evolve and develop rigorous standards and resources for evaluation of sustainable building strategies and products (8) Above: Graphic of builder. Text reads: Improve the ability of Raters and other stakeholders to navigate the program, thereby increasing participation and resulting quality of the built environment

Summary of Changes

GreenPoint Rated New Home version 9.0 clarifies existing code, incorporates upcoming code changes, and anticipates future code. Proposed changes include the following:

  • Deleting measures that have become code-required
  • Addressing CALGreen mandatory measures
  • Adding new measures for current best practices
  • Improving and clarifying definitions of current measures
  • Adding new measures that support our climate, water saving, and resiliency goals for building in California

The draft checklists below provide a full list of measure changes and revisions, including additions, deletions, point total changes, and notes that give context on what was changed and why. Please review each below and share your feedback!

Next Steps

We update the program not only to stay up to date with best practices and changing code, but also to improve the effectiveness and clarity of measures for Raters and other users of the program. Input from Raters is a key part of this process. Thank you to those who reviewed the checklist and provided feedback, suggestions and input!