Build It Green is pleased to announce two pathways for energy compliance within the GreenPoint Rated Program:

  • 10% compliance margin over 2013 Energy Code
  • CAHP score of 84 or better and participation in the California Advanced Home Program (CAHP) Program Why We Developed Two Pathways

GreenPoint Rated is an above-code program and therefore with each code cycle must set an above-code threshold for energy performance. Traditionally, GreenPoint Rated has relied solely on a compliance margin to raise the bar for energy efficiency. But since there are multiple pathways to achieve energy efficiency, Build It Green has been taking a longer view of whole-building energy use in support of statewide goals for net zero and low carbon homes, and has been developing an Energy and Water Calculator to support the building industry in achieving 2020 and 2050 state goals. These two pathways reflect that view.

A Closer Look at Your Choices

The California 2013 residential energy code standards, defined in 2013 Building Energy Efficiency Standards (California Energy Commission document CEC‐400‐2012‐004-CMF-REV2), also referred to as Title 24 Part 6, went into effect on July 1, 2014. Simultaneously, California Advanced Homes Program released a revised program structure that references a CAHP score that includes loads beyond the regulated loads rather than a percent above code as in previous cycles.

These are two different metrics but both demonstrate energy efficiency above 2013. The 10% compliance margin over 2013 Energy Code represents efficiencies gained through heating, cooling and domestic hot water. The CAHP score represents a baseline energy use of the homes that includes lighting, appliances and plug loads in addition to the heating, cooling and domestic hot water.

Therefore, there may be cases where a project meets the 10% compliance margin but does not meet a CAHP score of 84 and vice versa. Climate zone will impact the accessibility of these two compliance pathways, but both pathways represent a home that is more energy efficient than the baseline code home.

Support for the Industry and for Statewide Goals

In an effort to support the building industry in continuing to build above code and strive toward statewide goals, Build It Green will recognize both the 10% compliance margin over 2013 Energy Code and participation in the CAHP program with a CAHP score of 84 or better for meeting the minimum energy threshold for the Program and earning the minimum 25 points.

Projects choosing to comply using a CAHP score will have to additionally submit a copy of TRC’s Plan Check Approval Letter and Installation Letter, to GPR, as part of the Initial Application and Final Application submissions.

This policy will go into effect immediately, although the forms have not yet been updated. If you choose to pursue the CAHP score pathway, please contact GreenPoint Rated at [email protected] for assistance. A follow-up announcement will be released once our forms and documents are ready for download.