Healthy mixed-use urban space and affordable housing ambitiously earns GreenPoint Rated Platinum certification.

Keeping to their mission of creating stable, vibrant and healthy communities, Mercy Housing California set out to build and strengthen healthy communities through quality, affordable, service-enriching housing for individuals and families in San Francisco’s East Cut neighborhood. To that end, Natalie Gubb Commons (formerly Transbay Block 7) ambitiously targeted GreenPoint Rated (GPR) Platinum certification, stok was brought on by Mercy Housing early in the SD phase to guide ownership and the project team in outlining the path to meet the project’s sustainability and energy efficiency goals.

Project Details:

The project strongly focused on high efficiency HVAC systems, cost effective lighting fixtures and controls, and renewables in its pursuit of GPR Platinum. stok conducted an Energy Performance Options Report to simultaneously analyze loads and energy costs with current design conditions, the suggested opportunities to reduce the project’s energy costs, increase energy efficiency, and maximize state incentives. Based on this analysis, stok recommended the following high-impact, cost-effective energy efficiency measures:

  • Use high-performance, low-e glazing with a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) of 0.23 or lower
  • Target a Lighting Power Density (LPD) of 25% below Title 24 in the common areas
  • Install two solar hot water systems to offset a minimum 40% of Domestic Hot Water (DHW) load
  • Install economizers for child care and community rooms

Additionally, stok performed whole building commissioning, a quality control process that provides documented confirmation ensuring all building systems function according to design intent and the owner’s operational needs. This aligned with the program’s sustainability goal of long-term durability in all systems and materials selection.


Natalie Gubb Commons achieved GPR Platinum certification, making it one of the highest-rated affordable multifamily GPR projects to date. Projected savings from the high-performance complex include:

  • 41% reduction in energy usage compared to baseline
  • 19% reduction in water usage compared to baseline
  • 41 tons of solid waste diverted from landfill
  • 119.58 tons of CO2 emissions avoided
  • $285 estimated annual savings per unit on gas and electric

The development features a large, central courtyard with chairs and tables, a basketball court, a children’s play zone, vegetated roof areas, and a childcare center serving residents onsite and from the surrounding community. One of the first blocks to be completed in the Transbay Redevelopment area, this healthy mixed-use urban space supports environmental, occupant, and community well-being while keeping families working, living and playing together in San Francisco.

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