In December 2015, Build It Green’s GreenPoint Rated program certified its 40,000th home.

“GreenPoint Rated is the leading comprehensive residential green home rating system in California,” says Bruce Mast, Deputy Executive Director and Chief Innovation Officer at Build It Green, which administers GreenPoint Rated. “Our rating system continues to play an important role in pushing the envelope on green building standards, and giving builders and architects flexible pathways to create healthy, efficient homes that go above the minimum code standards.”

Points for GreenPoint Rated are earned by complying with the specific standards for any of the given measures in the system. Projects can achieve certification under the rating system by earning a minimum number of points across five categories: Energy Efficiency, Water Conservation, Indoor Air Quality, Resource Conservation, and Community.

A BIG thank you to all of the GreenPoint Raters who helped us reach this milestone for California and for Build It Green. Onward to 50,000!