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Supporting Membership

Did you know that about 20% of greenhouse gas emissions come from housing?
Green building is one of the best ways to protect our environment and prevent climate change.  It also means homes that save on utility bills and are healthier and more comfortable for the families that live in them.
Everyone is welcome to become a Supporting Member.  Join today and support a greener, healthier future for our communities and our planet.
Already a Supporting Member?  Access your benefits.
What are the benefits of Supporting Membership?
  • E-Copies of Green Building Guidelines
    • Our Guidelines provide an overview of measures to build or remodel healthy, sustainable homes that reduce the impact on the environment and cost less to maintain.
  • Discount on Home Energy Magazine
    • Get a $20 discount off a subscription to the leading publication for energy efficiency, performance, comfort and affordability.  Learn more about Home Energy Magazine.
  • Discount to West Coast Green
    • Get a 30% discount on Full Conference passes to the world's largest symposium on green innovation.  Learn more about West Coast Green.
  • Discount on Zipcar
    • Take advantage of special pricing on an affordable and green way to have a fleet of vehicles at your fingertips.  Learn more about Zipcar.
Interested in receiving more benefits for you and your employees?  Then Corporate Membership might be right for you.
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