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Recertification for Certified Green Building Professionals (CGBP)

Build It Green first started offering the Certified Green Building Professional (CGBP) program in 2003 and has successfully certified over 4600 building professionals.

All CGBPs must comply with recertification criteria to maintain certification status.  Recertification allows Build It Green to ensure that CGBPs are certified responsibly and fulfill the role consumers entrusted to them.
Recertification is required every two years.  The CGBP certification is valid for two years from issuance of the certification or recertification date.  CGBPs must acquire 16 Continuing Education Units every two years in order to stay certified.  Continuing Education Units must be on the approved CEU list or applicants must also request approval for courses not already on the list.  See the CEU PAGE for more information.

There is NO LONGER a 60 day grace period in order to recertify.  Recertification Applications MUST be received by the certification expiration or "valid through" date (as found on the bottom of the directory listing when in edit mode).

How to Apply

Ongoing - Achieve 16 CEUs every two years:
From the first day that you are certified, you can start tracking CEUs achieved in or out of Build It Green coursework.  You must compelte 16 Continuing Education Units (roughly 16 hours) in order to recertify. You can choose the following options to monitor both or request the addition of a course to the approved CEU list.
  • Review Build It Green attendance records through the online CEU tracking system / "Courses" on your profile; you do not need to submit proof of attendance
  • Request credit for non-Build It Green courses on our Approved CEU list using the online tracking system and select "submit for credit" on the course you have completed.
  • Request approval for credit to non-Build It Green courses NOT on the Approved CEU list. (must allow 30-days for review; approval can be granted before or after the course completion date)
Steps to Apply:
  1. Complete the online recertification application   GO HERE
  2. Send proof of attendance to courses not held by Build It Green
  3. Submit the $50 application fee

Penalties / Petition for Extension

If the above conditions are not met and no temporary extension has been awarded, your Directory Listing on our website will become inactive.
You will be asked to do one of the following in order to be reinstated:
(a)   Attend a Build It Green Advanced training course
(b)   Petition for an Extension of 4 - 12 months (maintain your Certification until completing the CEUS
(c)   Retake the Certified Green Building Professional training (after a one year lapse)
Multiple Certifications
If you have achieved the CGBP title and have continued onto the GreenPoint Rated program, please bypass
this step and go to the GreenPoint Rated Recertification area.

For more information or assistance please send us an email or call our Recertification Hotline at 510-590-3360 ext 605

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