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Rater & Advisor Certifications

Professionals considering participation in the GreenPoint Rated program should be familiar with the application process and with the two available credentials; Advisor and Rater.  These two credentials are available in both GreenPoint Rated New Home and GreenPoint Rated Existing Home programs.

GreenPoint Rater

GreenPoint Rater status is designated for those wishing to perform all the duties and responsibilities of a GreenPoint Rater, including application, plan and field verification, and coordination with Build It Green to complete a rating. Only a Rater can submit verified projects to Build It Green for a GreenPoint Rated Certificate of Evaluation.  A Rater functions primarily as a third party verifier and may not design or specify materials or products for a project.

GreenPoint Advisor

GreenPoint Advisor is a status designation for those people who use GreenPoint Rated in their profession such as a builder, city building official, designer or green consultant.  Advisors may use all documents provided to Raters by Build It Green and perform services which require the knowledge of verification means and methods.  Advisors may not conduct a rating or obtain a GreenPoint Rated Certificate of Evaluation for the client.