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Lighting & Appliances

Green Building PDF Icon LED Lighting
LED lighting has come a long way in recent years. While the technology has permeated the lighting market for decades in electronics, indicator lights and outdoor applications such as traffic lights, creating stable white light for general lighting indoors and outdoors has been more of a challenge.
Green Building PDF Icon Day Lighting for Homes (Build It Green fact sheet, .pdf)
By reducing the need for electric light, daylighting can substantially lower home energy use. However, excessive daylighting can increase both heating and cooling loads. A balanced approach to daylighting involves whole building design starting with the location and orientation of a home and continuing with proper room location and design, window sizing and placement, and selection of room finishes.
Green Building PDF Icon Energy Efficient Appliances (Build It Green fact sheet, .pdf)
Appliances such as refrigerators have more then doubled their efficiency in the last ten years. To help consumers choose energy efficient appliances, the U.S. Department of Energy and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency have partnered with appliance manufacturers to steadily increase the federal minimum energy efficiency standards and promote more energy efficient appliances through their Energy Star® Program.
Green Building PDF Icon Lighting (Build It Green fact sheet, .pdf)
Energy-efficient lighting design focuses on methods and materials that improve the quality as well as the efficiency of lighting. Daylight is the most energy-efficient means of illuminating a building and thus should be a primary focus. Electrical lighting, still provided primarily by traditional incandescent bulbs, consumes almost 15 percent of household electricity on average. Using readily available alternative lighting technologies can reduce lighting energy use by 50 to 75 percent.
Green Building Link Icon  Consumer Energy Center (Incandescent, Fluorescent, Halogen and Compact Fluorescent)
This fact sheet discusses options in light bulbs.
Green Building Link Icon  Efficient Lighting Systems for the Home
A set of articles describing appropriate lighting choices broken down by where in the home they should be used.
Green Building Link Icon  ENERGY STAR (Clothes Washers)
Considerations for purchasing a new clothes washer.
Green Building Link Icon  ENERGY STAR (Light Bulbs and Fixtures)
Considerations for purchasing light bulbs and fixtures.
Green Building Link Icon  ENERGY STAR (Refrigerators and Freezers)
Considerations for purchasing new refrigerators and freezers.
Green Building PDF Icon Residential Lighting Design Guide (.pdf)
Best practices and lighting design to help builders comply with California's Title 24 energy code.
Green Building Link Icon  Whole Building Design Guide (Energy Efficient Lighting)

Recently developed energy efficient lighting equipment such as compact fluorescent lamps and "soft-start" electronic ballasts can be used to help cut lighting operational costs 30% to 60% while enhancing lighting quality, reducing environmental impacts, and promoting health and work productivity.