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Grow Your Business With Our Green Building Trainings

  • Learn the Basics of Green Building

    Green home and renovation activity is predicted to grow to 38% of the housing market by 2016. Whether you're an architect, remodeler, or other building professional, you'll need to offer green building services to your clients.

    Take our basic 2-day Certified Green Building Professional course to learn the principles and systems approach to green building design, and construction and operations. More info

  • Become a Certified GreenPoint Rater

    Homebuyers are increasingly looking for green certified homes, which means new home builders are looking for more raters who can provide green home certifications. How can your business take advantage of this growing market opportunity?

    Become certified as a GreenPoint Rater. The GreenPoint Rated label is the mark of quality for green home construction. It is a recognizable, independent seal of approval that verifies a home has been built or remodeled according to proven green standards. As a GreenPoint Rater, you can give green home builders the quality assurance they are looking for. More info

Course Details

GreenPoint Rated New Home
July 31 | $225 Members, $250 Non-Members

This 1-day course is required for certification as a GreenPoint Rater or Advisor. It covers policies, program requirements, verifications, energy evaluation, the role of the rater, and submittal processes unique to new homes for both Single Family and Multifamily rating systems.

Prerequisites: GPR Core