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Recertification - Expiry Dates & Multiple Certifications


Courses that are on our "approved CEU list" or "CEU tracking system" must be eligible for all of our credential programs.

Certified Green Building Professional
GreenPoint Rated Advisor/Rater (NH)
GreenPoint Rated Advisor/Rater (EH)
Therefore, we have implemented 2 important modifications to the overall recertification system: 
  1. The same single set of 16 CEUs within a 2 year time-frame are permitted to be applied to ALL certifications held by an individual.
  2. Each time you achieve a new credential your certification expiration date of the most recent certification is the new  expiration date.
For examples of what combined dates look like, please view below:

Temporary Certification Extensions

Recertification is in essence, an extension of your certificaiton.
Build It Green will consider temporary extensions on a case-by-case basis. A temporary extension is defined as: an additional period of time to complete Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and submit the necessary paperwork to recertify.
An extension does not continue your certification in addition to your recertification. You can be awarded an extension period of 6 months in order to recertify; however; your certification expiration date will remain on the same two year cycle.  USE EXTENSIONS WITH CAUTION. For example: if a 6 month extension is awarded, your recertification will be valid for 18 months, rather than 24 months - because you have already used 6 months of the total extension period.

Extensions are given to meet unusual circumstances.  Examples of types of petitions that are acceptable are: relocation of home or job, lack of available courses in geographical area, family emergency, (financial hardship, unemployment,) or otherwise challenging conditions. 

Petition for a Temporary Extension

6 month extensions will be awarded after submission of the non-refundable $50 administration fee.  If you have not recertified within 12-months of the original certification expiration date, you must retake the course(s).  Applications will not be accepted until payment has been completed.