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To add a new job listing, complete the fields below and press Submit. Required fields are marked with an (r) but you do have the option of typing "N/A" for fields that don't directly relate. For job descriptions that are too long (like those 5 type written page job descriptions), consider posting the details of the job on your web site, using these fields for general information and specifying a URL for more detail. The display will include the link.

Typically, jobs with clear descriptions and as much information about the company as possible will achieve a higher response rate.

After submitting the job, go to the My Jobs page to make any edits.

Energy Upgrade California in Los Angeles County is helping Participating Contractors find the employees they need to help meet the demand for energy upgrades in the marketplace.

Please provide clear instructions for how to apply for the posted position under the Contact Information Section.

Please note that contact information provided will be viewable by the public. Please only share contact information you would like to release to the public.

There is no charge for employers to post listings or read resumes.

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