Babette "Barbie" Beaudette & Sustainable Performance

Sustainable Performance is an EPA Energy Star Partner and a Ygrene Company. Our Focus is Producing High Performance Projects by Providing Owners and Contractors Integrated Benchmarking, Evaluation, Energy Efficient Sustainable Design and Delivery Services.
Services: Energy & Sustainable Design Consulting, with Green Building Ratings by a Qualified Energy Efficiency Public Education Specialist. Certifications: GPRater/Advisor-NHSF+MF & EHMF, CGBP; Certified Energy Plans Examiner (CEPE)-T24'08 Res & Non-Res; BPI Building & Multifamily Analyst; HERS I (Compliance, FV/DT) Alt/New/PV/RC Rater; HERS II (Whole House) Rater; HERS NR & EEM Rater; EPA Energy Star v. 3 & Indoor airPLUS Rater; EPA 608 Universal; LEED Professional; Living Building Challenge Ambassador LEED Professional Living Building Challenge Ambassador

For Additional Information, Please Contact:
Babette "Barbie" Beaudette
8840 La Riviera Drive      
Suite B
Sacramento, CA  95826-2069
United States
Region - Greater Northern CA
(916) 320-2242  (916) 222-4434
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