Green Home Savvy --- Green Building, Energy Assessment & Consulting

Green Building Consultant, GreenPoint Rater for New and Existing single-family and multi-family homes, CABEC Certified Energy Analyst (CEA), Certified HERS Rater and HERS II rater, CBPCA Home Performance Analyst, Certified Green Building Professional
Build and Remodel Green!

Services for
architects, builders and homeowners:
  • Green Point Rating for residential construction and remodeling
  • Advice on Green Building design features and affordable ways to maximize your project's green features
  • "Title 24" Energy Analysis and reporting, CABEC-certified CEA
  • HERS-II Whole House ratings, certified by CEC and CalCerts
  • Assessment of existing residences for environmental quality, health, safety and comfort!
  • Home Energy Rating Service (HERS) inspections for T24 compliance
Green Home Savvy is unique:
  • High integrity and responsive clear communication
  • Excellent, competitive rates

  • Green Home Savvy was the Rater for a project which appeared in Metropolitan Home magazine. 
  • Rater for the project with the current record number of Green Points (305!)
  • Many years of experience in home assessment and green building

For Additional Information, Please Contact:
Donn Davy
116 Portsmouth Drive      
Novato, CA  94949
Region - San Francisco Bay Area
(415) 250-7515  (415) 883-4433
(415) 259-4001 Fax
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