Ruby Rose Sanchez

Ruby Rose Sanchez


A certified LEED-Homes and GreenPoint Rater at Partner Energy, Ms. Sanchez has over seven years of experience in construction, project management, building energy and green certification programs. She has been a key driver in the successful completion of numerous LEED projects and has managed over 20 LEED and GreenPoint Rated projects at one time.

Since graduating from Cal Poly Pomona, Ms. Sanchez has gained experience through work at an architecture firm, general contractor and energy management firm. In order to expand her knowledge and experience in the Sustainability and Energy Management field, Ruby has pursued several certifications and continuously educates herself on up-and-coming industry programs and trends.

Ms. Sanchez guides clients through the design and construction process of their projects, from the energy modeling to construction field verifications, HERS testing and final submittal. Ms. Sanchez’s green certification expertise ranges from  LEED for Homes and GreenPoint Rated new and existing buildings, with a special focus on the affordable multifamily market.

In addition, Ms. Sanchez is an active member of the Los Angeles U.S. Green Building Council Board of Directors, and is the chair for the USGBC, San Gabriel branch.

For Additional Information, Please Contact:
Ruby Rose Sanchez
2154 Torrance Blvd      
Suite 100
Torrance, CA  90501
Region - Greater LA/Orange Cnty
(310) 622-8852  (626) 374-1044
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