Open Neighborhoods, LLC

Open Neighborhoods, a Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI) portfolio company and a Certified B Corp., provides individuals, organizations, and communities with affordable sustainable energy solutions. Laura Mack, Director of Sustainability, is a CGBP, LEED GA, and Certified Global Sustainability Professional with 20 years experience facilitating diverse sustainability initiatives. Consulting available in the areas of sustainable energy, green building, and climate change planning strategies.

About Open Neighborhoods, LLC

Open Neighborhoods is the program administrator for GoSolar.LA, a regional initiative to accelerate the adoption of solar and other sustainable energy solutions across Los Angeles County, by making the process more streamlined and affordable. Open Neighborhoods has been recognized both for its commitment to social and environmental performance, as well as for offering the lowest cost residential solar in Southern California. Through its proprietary SunShopper™ eCommerce framework for solar energy procurement, the Company offers free online solar assessments, referrals to pre-qualified and vetted solar and energy efficiency contractors, pre-negotiated discounts on clean energy purchases, and financial and other resources. More information at: or

About Laura Mack

Laura Mack is a CGBP, LEED GA, and Certified Global Sustainability Professional with 20 years experience facilitating sustainability initiatives, across diverse stakeholder audiences. She currently serves as Director of Sustainability for Open Neighborhoods and GoSolar.LA, and is a steering committee member for the Los Angeles Regional Collaborative on Climate Action and Sustainability. 

For Additional Information, Please Contact:
Laura Mack
411 S. Hewitt Street      
Los Angeles, CA  90013
Region - Greater LA/Orange Cnty
(310) 420-1604  
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