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ROBERT WILKEN SELLS GREEN HOMESRobert Wilken is an award winning real estate agent and has been involved in the green industry business for the past 4 years and has earned solar certificate, Home Energy Rater Service certificate, Building Performance Institute's- Building Envelope Professional certificate, and Certified Green Real Estate Professional certification.
Do you believe your home is GREEN and need an agent to market it correctly? let's get it Green Point Rated and let me show you how I can get buyers fighting over your property, to get you a higher return on the money and time you invested in making your house Energy Efficient and Green. Buyers looking for a Green Home? Let me help you find an existing Green Home or create your own customized Energy Efficient Home by using a Energy Efficient Mortgage to get up to $25,000 in energy efficient upgrades that can include new dual pain Low-E windows, High efficiency heating and air conditioning, high efficiency or solar water heating system, Energy Star appliances, whole house insulation, repair or replace leaky air ducts, improve air quality and drafty air leakage by air sealing the shell of the house, high efficiency lighting fixtures, and more.. and also get up to $4,000 cash through the Energy Upgrade California rebate program. Get Solar Voltaic system and other upgrades such as kitchen, bath and flooring upgrades with tied in financing to make your new home better than new. Call for a free home evaluation or consultation. 619-890-9825

For Additional Information, Please Contact:
Robert Wilken
2830 Shelter Island Dr.      
San Diego, CA  92106
Region - Greater San Diego
(619) 890-9825  
Source: Website: robertwilkensellshomes.com
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