1 Earth Residential Rating Services

GreenPoint Rater, Energy Auditor and CALGreen Consultant on TCAC, CDLAC, and other Affordable Housing Multifamily and Single Family programs -- new construction and rehab projects.
GreenPoint Rater, Energy Auditor, Water Conservation Specialist, CALGreen Consultant  on
Multifamily and Single Family -- New Construction and Existing Building Rehab projects.
CALGreen Special Inspector - Residential and Non-Residential projects
HERS I Title 24 Compliance Inspector, HERS II Wholehouse Rater
Certified Energy Plans Examiner (CEPE): Residential and Non-Residential
BPI Certifications: Building Analyst, Envelope, and Multi-Family Building Analyst and Operator
LEED AP Operations and Maintenance - Commercial and Multifamily 
HERS diagnostic testing services include: Duct Leakage Test, Air Infiltration/Blower Door Test, Refrigerant Charge Verification, High EER, Low Leakage Air Handlers, and other HERS Title 24 Compliance testing.
Additional services include Third Party Verification, and Combustion Appliance Safety Testing (BPI).

For Additional Information, Please Contact:
Stanford A. Rollins, CEPE, LEED AP O+M
Corona, CA  92880
Region - Other
(310) 629-5239  (619) 320-5668
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