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Life in Green Designs


Thorough planners, executing projects with discipline and special attention to details. Problem-solving, multitasking and organizational skills. Certified Green Building Professional and Green Point Rater and Advisor with wide experience in environmentally friendly projects including LEED and Green point projects. Experience helping teams reach their project goals. Great communications skills. Wide experience leading projects from conception to completion.

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Wide experience with green projects and policies. Successful planer, with a great record of managing projects for clients, while mediating with city officials and consultants to achieve project goals.
Extensive studies in green buildings and clean tech policies, design and architecture. Organized and reliable profesional, commited in meeting your project goals and deadlines.
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Professional Type: Architect, Consultant, Designer, Green Consultant, Interior Designer, Planner

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Ana Isabel Jubes
Sunnyvale, CA  94086
Region - Greater Northern CA


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