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Krantz Consultants, LLC

Krantz Consultants, LLC


Nathan Krantz is a leader in commercial, residential, and public building sectors. His team manages ALL aspects of LEED and GreenPoint Rated programs across the nation; including but not limited to Building Systems Commissioning, HERS, T-24 Energy Modeling, Corporate Sustainability Reporting, and Greenhouse Gas inventory and certification.

Full Description:

Business types: Green Consultant. Prior Building License(s) and Certificate(s): A + E. Prior Green Building Certificate(s): LEED

Professional Type: Architect, Building Performance Contractor, Consultant, Designer, Energy Consultant, Green Consultant, HERS Rater, Other

For Additional Information, Please Contact:

Nathan Krantz
311 4th Street, Suite 124
Oakland, CA  94607
Region - San Francisco Bay Area

(949) 413-3426  

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