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Green Home Savvy --- Green Building, Energy Assessment & Consulting


Green Building Consultant, GreenPoint Rater for New and Existing single-family and multi-family homes, CABEC Certified Energy Analyst (CEA), Certified HERS Rater and HERS II rater, CBPCA Home Performance Analyst, Certified Green Building Professional

Full Description:

Build and Remodel Green!

Services for
architects, builders and homeowners:
  • Green Point Rating for residential construction and remodeling
  • Advice on Green Building design features and affordable ways to maximize your project's green features
  • "Title 24" Energy Analysis and reporting, CABEC-certified CEA
  • HERS-II Whole House ratings, certified by CEC and CalCerts
  • Assessment of existing residences for environmental quality, health, safety and comfort!
  • Home Energy Rating Service (HERS) inspections for T24 compliance
Green Home Savvy is unique:
  • High integrity and responsive clear communication
  • Excellent, competitive rates

  • Green Home Savvy was the Rater for a project which appeared in Metropolitan Home magazine. 
  • Rater for the project with the current record number of Green Points (305!)
  • Many years of experience in home assessment and green building

Professional Type: Consultant, Energy Consultant, Green Consultant, HERS Rater

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For Additional Information, Please Contact:

Donn Davy
116 Portsmouth Drive
Novato, CA  94949
Region - San Francisco Bay Area

(415) 250-7515  (415) 883-4433
(415) 259-4001 Fax

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