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Export iCalendar for a Calendar Event


The link below is the file you requested. When you do open the file, either directly from the link below or from a drive on your computer, it will open up the application you have associated with the ics file format. For most corporate users it is probably Microsoft Outlook or ACT!, but given it is an open standard it could be any number of programs.

This Tendenci implementation does not allow anonymous export of events.
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Frequently Asked Questions:
What is a iCalendar?

It is an open standard file format to transmit information about events between different applications.

Why do I get an error when opening the iCalendar in Microsoft Outlook 2000?

Early versions of Microsoft Outlook 2000 do not support setting an Alarm Reminder through the iCalendar. There is a patch available:

Why the really long file name?

Because we try to err on the side of caution and obfuscating the name helps somewhat when it comes to security. Feel free to rename it if you save the file down.

Not all of the data I was expecting came over. Why?

This is true, the iCalendar standard, like the vCard standard, definitely does NOT support all of the fields in the Schipul Codebase software. Sorry for the inconvenience.