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For Raters: Update on 2013 Energy Code Delay and GreenPoint Rated

December | 2013

Closing Out 2013, Looking Ahead to 2014

Another year has come and gone all too quickly. It has been quite a busy year for the building community and for GreenPoint Rated: We saw updates to state and national building codes, national standards like ASHRAE and BPI, and of course GreenPoint Rated.

This has been a landmark year for
GreenPoint Rated:

  • Since 2012, we have been developing an update for GreenPoint Rated to align with the 2013 California Building Code. Through a stakeholder process we identified innovative measures to be incorporated into GreenPoint Rated in every category, including Net Zero Energy thresholds, range hood ventilation, water conservation, and waste diversion.
  • We hit record numbers for existing home single family projects with more than 600 homes submitted through the Los Angeles County pilot program.
  • Builders participating in GreenPoint Rated continue to appreciate that it is accessible, affordable, and compatible with CALGreen. They rely on you -- their GreenPoint Raters -- to provide that extra set of eyes on the job, ensuring the green building elements have been installed correctly.
  • GreenPoint Rated is having a tremendous impact: In 2013, we surpassed 21,000 certified homes, with 17,000 more in the pipeline. This translates to over 103,659 tons of CO2 avoided, 258,928,730 gallons of water saved, and 58,158,931kWh saved.

As the building industry continues to grow and green building continues to be a focus, we look forward to working with you to support your future green building efforts. Looking ahead, as the state moves toward its 2020 net-zero energy requirement and 2050 goals of carbon neutrality, GreenPoint Rated will continue to play a role in providing standards and pathway to achieve these initiatives.

Thank you for all your work and have a wonderful holiday season and joyous New Year!


Amy Dryden
GreenPoint Rated Technical Manager

Revised Effective Date for 2013 Energy Code and Portions of CALGreen Code

The California Energy Commission (CEC) provided a presentation to the California Building Standards Commission (CBSC), proposing a change in the effective date of the recently published 2013 California Administrative Code, Part 1, Chapter 10; and 2013 California Energy Code, Part 6. A six-month delay is needed in order for the online compliance software to be fully functional and usable by consumers.

The CBSC unanimously approved the revised effective date of only the energy related provisions of the 2013 California Green Building Standards Code to July 1, 2014. The full bulletin can be found here

How will this delay affect GreenPoint Rated Version 6.0?

With the approval of the delay in the 2013 Energy code and affected portions of CALGreen, GreenPoint Rated must revise the requirements for Version 6.0. GPR New Home Version 6.0 will be effective January 1, 2014. The New Home Version 6.0 will accommodate both the 2008 Energy Code and the 2013 Energy code.

The minimum energy threshold as of January 1, 2014 will be set at 15% above 2008 energy code. Projects will receive 25 points for meeting this threshold and 2 points for every percentage above that threshold. For projects permitted under 2013 Code between January 1 and June 30, 2014, 15% above 2008 energy code will be the threshold. Projects permitted after July 30, 2013 will be required to exceed 2013 Energy Code by a specified threshold. This threshold will be between 5- 10% and based on the cost effectiveness studies to be completed in Quarter1 of 2014.

Energy code compliance will be determined by entering the permit date in the data collection form. Looking ahead, as the state moves toward its 2020 net-zero energy requirement, GreenPoint Rated will gradually revise its energy requirements and increase the weight of other green building factors—water and resource conservation, indoor air quality, and community.

Rater Council Meeting

Thursday, January 23 | 11 AM – 12:30 PM | Register Now


The January 23 Rater Council Meeting will be the last live webinar review of GreenPoint Rated Version 6.0 for Raters. As a Rater we want you to be educated and informed on the new versions to be able to implement GreenPoint Rated most effectively. To that end, to maintain your Rater certification, you will be required to participate in a live or recorded webinar on GPR v6.0.

This webinar will include information on changes in program design, prerequisites, submittal processes and documents and measures verification. Build It Green will be tracking participation in the webinar and all Raters must participate to submit projects under Version 6.0

Build It Green Holiday Schedule

Our offices will be closed December 24, 2013 – January 1, 2014. Should you have any GreenPoint Rated questions, please email We will respond to all inquiries beginning January 2, 2014. Happy Holidays!

GreenPoint Rated Project Totals

  October November Total to Date
Number of Certified New Home Single Family Units 199 139 10,107
Number of Certified New Home
Multifamily Units
214 389 10,574
Number of Certified Existing Home Single Family Units 1 1 646
Number of Certified Existing Home Multifamily Units 0 0 724
Total Certified
414 529 22,051

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