Nov 7, 2013 4:00 PM  PST

GreenPoint Rated Promotion Reaches Millions

Nov. 7, 2013
In the thick of home buying season, millions of Californians were newly exposed to the GreenPoint Rated brand, and nearly 70,000 learned in detail what GreenPoint Rated is and why it matters so much. Build It Green just wrapped up an enormously successful two-month marketing and advertising campaign to educate prospective homebuyers and increase their awareness of the benefits of a new GreenPoint Rated home. (View the campaign web page here.)
The results were unprecedented for GreenPoint Rated: 6,430,415 impressions generated through a combination of email blasts, banner ads on major home buyer websites, and Google AdWords. That’s over 6 million times that people viewed an ad or message about GreenPoint Rated.
Even more impressive: Prospective homebuyers clicked our ads and email links 69,755 times to learn more about the program and to view new GreenPoint Rated homes for sale by production builders. We’re grateful to KB Home for its participation as a featured sponsor in the ad campaign, and we’re pleased that we could drive prospective buyers to their website.
Build It Green also promoted a free “10 Questions Green Home Buyers Need to Ask” fact sheet for homebuyers to help them make smarter decisions.
Our latest marketing effort represents a strong step forward in generating demand for green homes in California, a core component of Build It Green’s mission. And when homebuyers go a step further and specifically ask, “Is this home GreenPoint Rated?” everybody wins. That question signifies that consumers understand not only the cost-savings, comfort, and health a green home provides, but the value of having green features verified through an independent green certification program like GreenPoint Rated. Increased sales of GreenPoint Rated homes generate more revenue for builders, contractors, and Raters, and help state and local governments inch closer to their climate and energy goals.

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