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Remodeling Right to Create a Forever Home

GreenPoint Rated

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Remodeling and GreenPoint Rated

Already have a home and want to make it more comfortable, healthy and efficient? Make your next remodel a green one and achieve points toward a GreenPoint Rated certification.

You can achieve a GreenPoint Rating step by step as you remodel various sections of your home. Just save your receipts and work with your contractor to maintain records of your green upgrades.

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A Green Remodel Yields a "Forever Home"

If you're looking for beautiful and unique remodel ideas, you can learn a lot from homeowner and contractor Iris Harrell. The GreenPoint Rated team caught up with Harrell to ask about the choices she made in completing stunning and sustainable remodel of her 1986 home -- which didn't even have a kitchen when she began the work.

The remodel achieved a GreenPoint Rated certification and includes one-of-a-kind "universal accessibility" features to make it livable and safe for young children and the elderly alike.

In this regard, Harrell's abode is not only a dream home, but a "forever home." Have you ever thought about how to create a forever home? Read on to get started.


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