Nov 5, 2013 1:00 PM  PST

Changes to Build It Greenís Recertification Program

November 7, 2013
Build It Green’s Education Department would like to announce some exciting changes in our recertification program that will simplify and streamline the process for you. The key policy changes are as follows:
  • Certified Green Building Professionals (CGBP) will now be required to only complete 4 CEUs every two years.
  • Individuals who have one or more GreenPoint Rated certifications will now be required to only complete 8 CEUs every two years. CGBP is included as part of the 8 CEUs.
  • Build It Green is finalizing some major changes regarding the Certified Green Real Estate Professional (CG REP) certification. An official policy announcement separate from this will provide further details.  In the interim, we have extended all CG REP expiration dates to December 1, 2014. Stay tuned. 
  • Once a certified professional has the necessary CEUs, he/she will submit a CEU Form listing all of the trainings. Proof of documentation will not be submitted to Build It Green, unless requested. 
  • All certified professionals will have their current expiration dates changed to June 1 or December 1, depending on your previous renewal date. 
  • To help with communications, starting in 2014, Build It Green will send out several email notifications starting six months before the professional’s expiration date. A postcard notification will also go out three months before the professional’s expiration date.   
  • Individuals with one or more GreenPoint Rated certifications must now complete an online GreenPoint Rated recertification exam for each rating system. This requirement applies to all Raters and Advisor. Project submissions will no longer be an alternative option. 
  • Build It Green now has some low-cost on-line exams you can take to meet your continuing education requirements. They can be found here.
>> Learn more or begin your recertification process here.
The above policy changes take effect immediately. If you have already started the renewal process you must submit your fee and CEU Form to complete the process. Official email reminders to all certified professionals will start going out in January 2014.  Contact or call 1-888-40-GREEN x 605 for further information.

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