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Member Spotlight: Modern Lighting Concepts

Modern Lighting Concepts Why did you join Build It Green?
Modern Lighting Concepts is consistently looking for bigger and better ways to expand its eco-friendly reach and joining Build It Green has been an ideal step in that direction. Build It Green's promotion of healthy and environmentally safe building practices directly coincides with MLC's personal objective. As a member of the Build It Green community, Modern Lighting Concepts has benefited from the organization's expansive network throughout the Bay Area, allowing MLC to reach out to like-minded, environmentally-conscious professionals in the building industry, as well as local homeowners and businesses to expand the awareness and adoption of green building practices and the eco-friendly lighting supplies that can be utilized.

About Modern Lighting Concepts
Modern Lighting Concepts was founded on the concept of green technology, aiming to provide its customers with the latest eco-friendly technology without sacrificing style or function. With that in mind, Modern Lighting Concepts provides the latest LED lighting from award-winning designers. Founded in the Bay Area, MLC is true to its roots, focusing not only on providing green lighting technology but also partnering with local non-profits also committed to the environmental cause.

Most recently, MLC has partnered with the Blum Center for Developmental Studies at UC Berkeley to donate a portion of its profits to The Lumina Project. With the help of Modern Lighting Concepts, The Lumina Project is able to provide low-carbon lighting alternatives to the developing world. Modern Lighting Concepts is committed to not only providing preeminent green technology to its local customers, but also to those around the world.

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