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August | 2013

Dear Builder,

Welcome to the first issue of our e-newsletter designed for builders like you! We'll keep you up to date about new sales and marketing opportunities for your green homes, the latest technical updates to the GreenPoint Rated program, and interesting new green building projects throughout the state.

Thanks to builders like you, GreenPoint Rated is the most trusted certification for green homes, with more than 20,000 certified units to date and 27,000 more projects currently in the pipeline.

New Marketing Materials for Green Homes

Educate your buyers about the benefits of a GreenPoint Rated home. Download or order our latest marketing materials, including brochures, fact sheets, and posters.

View Marketing Materials >>

Drives sales and proudly display your GreenPoint Rated homes with our open house signs, yard signs, or stylish plaques.

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Builder Co-Op Marketing Program

Build It Green is committed to helping our GreenPoint Rated builders succeed. You achieved a mark of distinction, proving that your communities are green. Now it's time to drive the point home with potential buyers by participating in our Builder Co-Op Marketing Program, launching this summer.

If you are ready to advertise your GreenPoint Rated homes for sale, you may qualify for matching funds through this program. Contact us today—funds are limited. For more information, email

Featured Builder: Taylor Morrison

At Taylor Morrison, we believe it's important to do all we can to help preserve the environment for future generations. Whether it's designing and building homes that use sustainable materials, increasing the energy efficiency of our homes, or simply recycling the building material waste on our jobsites; we're committed to improving the environment through lessening our impact.

The trusted GreenPoint Rated label creates a broader public awareness of the efforts the building industry utilizes in construction of new homes and communities. We recognize that our buyers value energy efficiency and community sustainability and we feel that the GreenPoint Rated system enhances our current Elements program.

Taylor Morrison is a builder and developer of single-family detached and attached homes. We are committed to green building and have recently completed GreenPoint Rated projects in Sunnyvale, San Jose, Lafayette, Dublin & San Mateo. For more information about Taylor Morrison, please visit

Case Study: Next-Gen Affordable
Housing in West Oakland

A stellar example of cutting-edge green affordable housing can be found in West Oakland. The Jack London Gateway (JLG) Senior Housing development provides affordable, environmentally friendly and healthy housing with low resource costs that will comply with future green building codes.

Read our case study for an overview of the green features and innovations within this 61-unit development, including a 56,000 kwh solar array, high-efficiency appliances, minimal construction debris, and the latest water-saving technologies.

View the Case Study >>

Can the Climate Calculator Help You?

The GreenPoint Rated Climate Calculator is a groundbreaking tool integrated into the certification process that measures the impact of green homes on the environment.

The Calculator can help builders sell more GreenPoint Rated homes because the tool will show homeowners how much energy and water they will save compared to an average home, translating into utility bill savings! It can also make the entitlement process easier with your city by providing the data needed for environmental impact reports or climate action plans.

The calculator measures the total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions avoided by building greener homes and provides this information in a way that's systematic, credible and backed by third-party verification.

Contact your Rater to get started with the Climate Calculator, or click to learn more.

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