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Rater Enews - July 2013

July/August | 2013

New Tracking System Features

We are excited to announce the launch of two features: Online Invoicing and Payment and online submittal for Existing Home Single Family.

Our new Online Invoicing and Payment process has been successfully launched! This process is integrated into the application and certification submittal process and immediately generates an invoice and provides an option for online payment or pay later by check. Additional submittal improvements have been implemented with this update.

By Aug 6, Existing Home Single Family projects will be able to submit through our online tracking site.

Reference and support materials are available on the GPR Tracking System's Resource Room.

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Help Us Develop the New Standards for GreenPoint Rated

We are currently in the process of updating our standards for GreenPoint Rated and would love to hear your thoughts and recommendation on the proposed revisions. The second round of comment period will be open from August 1 through August 31, 2013.

During this period, we invite you to comment on the manual, measure list, and general program. All checklists are open for the 30-day review period. Help us shape the future of residential green building in California by providing us with your expert input!

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Rater Council Meeting

Tuesday, August 13 | 3:30-5PM | Register Now

We will be covering the updated California Energy Code slated to come into effect January 1, 2014. Tune in to hear how these changes will affect you as a GreenPoint Rater. As always, we will archive the meetings on the BIG site for those who cannot attend.

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Upcoming GreenPoint Rated Trainings


Southern California

GreenPoint Rated New Home (GPR NH)
Jul 31 | 8 AM – 5 PM l More info

California Multifamily Existing Building Training
Sep 16-21 | 8 AM – 5 PM l More info

This 5.5 day program provides training for qualified professionals to become Participating Raters in the Existing Multifamily Energy Efficiency Initiative with the goal of upgrading 8000 units by 2014.

Northern California:

GreenPoint Core (GPR Core)
Oct 29-30 | 8 AM – 5 PM l More info

GreenPoint Rated New Home (GPR NH)
Nov 6 | 8 AM – 5 PM l More info

GreenPoint Rated Totals

  May June
Number of Certified New Home Single Family Units 105 299
Number of Certified New Home
Multifamily Units
999 402
Number of Certified Existing Home Single Family Units 70 0
Number of Certified Existing Home Multifamily Units 130 0
Total Certified
1,304 701

New Home Existing Home Total
  Multifamily Single Family Multifamily Single Family
9,563 9,278 683 698 20,177
Submitted 12,884 11,885 431 1,778 26,978
Total Units 22,447 21,163 1,069 2,476 47,155

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