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Green Materials Best Practices, Integrated Design, and Guerilla Marketing for Small Businesses


June | 2012

Training & Education Events
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Upcoming Workshops and Trainings

Green Building Workshops

Stay up to date on the latest green building practices, marketing solutions, news and trends while receiving CEU recertification credits. Food will be provided at each workshop.

Green Materials Best Practices & Emerging Trends
Tuesday | Jul 2 | Oakland | More info

Explore the ins and outs of green building materials including concrete, insulation, lumber and more! Presenters Wes Sullens and Bruce King will provide you with an in-depth look at the green materials landscape, practical building advice, and share their experiences and lessons learned.

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Integrated Design & Evaluation for Successful
Multifamily Building Energy Retrofits
Wednesday | Jul 10 | Oakland | More info

Multifamily building owners, contractors, designers and architects can all benefit from using an integrated design and evaluative approach towards retrofit projects to ensure that the project scope is defined, met, and the projected savings are achieved. In this session, presenters will use field examples to demonstrate that specifications and clear project goals are the missing keys to turn an energy audit into a successful retrofit.

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Online Workshop: Guerilla Marketing for Small Businesses
Tuesday | Jul 30 | More info

Maureen Ladley will walk you through strategies to help you improve your business' marketing effectiveness using both online and offline techniques. You will learn how to target, connect, and build ongoing business relationships with the right clients.

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GreenPoint Rated Trainings
These certifications are ideal for architects, builders, city building officials, designers, or green consultants who wish to learn the principles of green building and help their clients participate in the GreenPoint Rated Program, the most trusted certification for green homes.

FREE Certified Green Building Professional Training (CGBP)
Sep 23-24 | Oakland | More info

This 2-day course introduces the main principles of green building and the systems approach to the design, construction and operation of buildings. It provides an understanding of energy efficiency, resource conservation, water conservation, and indoor air quality, and how to effectively convey the importance of these principles and market your business to homeowners. Read the full course description.

Prerequisites: none

GreenPoint Core (GPR Core)
Oct 29-30 | Oakland | More info

This course introduces you to all GreenPoint Rated systems and includes basic policies and procedures, program requirements, verifications of select measures, and the differing roles of advisors and raters. GreenPoint Rated Core is a pre-requisite for most of our other GreenPoint Rated trainings and starts you on the path to becoming a GreenPoint Rater or Advisor. Read thefull course description.

Prerequisites: CGBP or equivalent training

GreenPoint Rated New Home (GPR NH)
Nov 6 | Oakland | More info  

This 1-day course covers the policies, processes and program requirements unique to the New Home rating system. It addresses current trends in new construction and illustrates the role of the Rater and Advisor in the green building process. Read full course description. Read the full course description.

Prerequisites: GPR Core

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